Public sex in Malta with a bit of fake news to boot

Public sex in Malta with a bit of fake news to boot

We have had some recent press for public love making (a.k.a. public sex) on the Maltese Islands.
Some of it has also been “fake news”, as in the below case, which was actually in London, UK and not in Malta.
Just goes to show that the modern internet has produced too many people who like fooling others. Shame! 🙁

Durex-Malta’s position can only be one : “Go for it as long as you are not generally seen”.
That is please DO so, but please respect others who may, either because they are too young,
or because they are more conservative (none of which are a bad thing) would rather not see you. 🙂
Others may indeed not want to watch because one is, let us say, too old to be particularly worthy of being seen;
or, let us face it, some of us are just jealous! lol.
*Therefore have fun without offending others*

(This position, pun, is not a disclaimer for legal purposes.. if you are caught : you are on your own!)

Some sites have even detailed a few popular places.. Well, we have seen more is all that we can say! 😀
(Interesting that most of the places seem to have been suggested by ladies.. any of them “in waiting”? )..

Of course, we can only suggest that you protect yourselves from both disease and unwanted other offspring. :p

Couple spotted having sex on a roof in Attard


A couple sharing an amorous encounter on the roof of a house in Attard have become Malta’s latest online sensation.

Video footage of the near-naked pair went viral on social media after they let their passion get the better of them.

The shameless couple were spotted by an onlooker on Monday morning.
Malta Police told 89.7 Bay they had been informed of the incident.
We have not shared the photos.. up to the reader to follow up in case they are curious…… 🙂

7 Places All Maltese People Have Been Caught Having Sex

(It’s not just roofs in Attard that get attention)


What, only seven???

Whether you’d prefer to blame it on Malta’s hot climate or your partner’s uncontrollable appetite, it’s safe to say that many of us have gotten a carnal urge at the most random of moments… and most inappropriate of places.

If a roof over your head is out of the question and you’re looking for the next best (discreet-ish) thing, these are the eight places most of the country has made their sexually frustrated way to in a car.

1. Pembroke

Many a horny drive has ended along the Pembroke coastline, just off the main road leading down to Paceville. But if you’re looking for a specific place, it’ll probably have to be behind the abandoned buildings near the Reverse Osmosis Plants, for maximum cover.

2. Ta’ Qali

One of the widest open spaces, bang (pun intended) in the middle of Malta, Ta’ Qali has everything your public shagging self could ever hope for. The country’s National Park, some of the largest parking areas and a Crafts Village that becomes practically abandoned in the evening, your only problem will be choosing one spot.

3. Żonqor Point

Basically the south’s answer to Pembroke, Żonqor Point has the perfect ingredients; a faraway location that’s still not too cut off from civilization, enough space to discreetly park your car, and beautiful seaside views for optimal serenading.

4. Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq

Where do you think the name Splash & Fun really comes from? The area behind Malta’s water park is ideal for more than just swimming and delicious hot dog stands… but what we have in mind still involves sausages and getting wet.

5. Dingli

The highest point in Malta, Dingli is perfect for sunsets, a bottle of wine, stargazing, and wherever the night takes you after that.

6. Buskett

Sure, we don’t have woods in Malta, but we do have Buskett. And whether you venture into the grassy heart or stay in the parking area at the late hours of a random weekday, Buskett can help you achieve whatever your dirty mind is thinking.

7. Top of the World

With a name like that, this place feels like the place to be in an American rom-com. And considering the views from the top and the strategic placement of the benches overlooking it all, it could very well be just that.

Inewsmalta in major blunder over ‘St Julian’s sex’ story


Whoops! Inewsmalta recycles voyeuristic story from the Mirror and claims sex act had taken place in St Julian’s

The news website Inewsmalta has been left with egg on its face after it published an article falsely claiming that a couple was caught having sex in St Julian’s.

The article, which has since been deleted, said that one of its readers had flagged a video of a couple having sex in St Julian’s and was attached with a blurry photo.

However, a quick internet search reveals that the photo was actually sourced from an article that appeared in the Mirror last November about a couple who was caught on camera having sex in a London motel. Well, at least these things hit the headlines in other places too.

Anything to add? Please leave a comment or something. Feel free to link! 🙂

Naughty But Nice

Naughty But Nice

Using erotic inspirations together

Now, more than ever before, there’s a wealth of erotic material available to enjoy. While some people are anti porn, there’s no need to watch anything exploitative in this day and age. There’s plenty of material available that’s ethically produced, sex positive and reflects real sex rather than porno stereotypes. And that’s before you even take into account the glut of home-produced films that people willingly share online every day.

The stereotypical view suggests that men get off on visuals and women get off on words, but while it’s true to say that modern erotic novels have a mass female following, research has shown women get just as aroused by visual depictions of sex as men do. Conversely, many men enjoy reading erotic stories. And if you like the idea of hearing not-so-sweet words whispered in your ear, there are countless erotic audio books and podcasts available, covering almost every kind of sex you could imagine. Of course, you can always read each other erotic bedtime stories too – though there’s no guarantee they’ll lead to a good night’s sleep…

Many counsellors recommend erotic materials to couples looking to balance libidos or spice up their relationships. However, it’s worth discussing with your partner first: suddenly revealing a porn playlist or your secret fetish may not be well received. Talk about the sort of things that you both enjoy, or browse together online taking it in turns to type in search terms if you’re too shy to talk about it out loud. As with sharing any fantasies, it’s best to start off with the milder end of your desires and only work your way up to your wilder preferences after gauging your lover’s response.

Photos, videos, stories and audio are all available in abundance, so you’ll be spoilt for choice: the more precisely you define what you like, the better a match you’ll find – and the more your lover will learn about your desires too.

Erotic material can be used as easy foreplay, inspiration for a steamy night in. Open your mind, be prepared to explore and who knows what excitement you might find.

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5 Sure Signs That There is Sexual Chemistry

5 Sure Signs That There is Sexual Chemistry

(Reproduced from : )

Sexual attraction can easily be confused for either physical attraction or infatuation. However, sexual attraction also known as sexual chemistry, is the carnal desire to be intimate with one another. While physical attraction can be contributed to your partner’s appearance or behaviour, it may or may not lead to romance. So if you are trying to figure out if there are sparks flying between you and your partner, here are a few sure signs that there is sexual chemistry.

Mirroring one another

Not only is it an indicator of attraction but sexual interest. Mirroring can be used in many different situations to tell if your partner is into you. If you touch your hair, do they do the same? If you shift in your chair do they change their position so their body reflects yours? If so, then these subtle changes are a way to project being non-threatening. Scientists believe the more your partner can recognise themselves in your behaviour, the deeper the attraction goes.

Playful touch

One of the easiest ways to express your emotions and desire towards your partner is through touch. Light and spontaneous, rubbing and prolonged body contact can re-enforce a level of intimacy that may exist between you and your partner. Whether you decide to suggestively rub your partner’s legs or you brush your fingertips lightly on their arms; playfully touching your partner is a powerful way to build sexual tension while leaving you both aroused.

An undeniable pull

You know that magnetic feeling you get when you see someone that you are instantly attracted to; you find yourself having an uncontrollable urge and desire to be close to them. When you see someone who sexually excites you, your body will react to respond to these feelings accordingly. Your sense of personal space changes when you are around your partner who sexually excites you. So if you feel that spark that you can’t deny, don’t dismiss it; it’s real.

You don’t mind experimenting

When it comes to dipping your toes into new sexual dalliances, trusting your partner allows for a greater sexual experience. Whether it’s trying out that sex toy that you’ve always wanted to try, or creating your own sex games inspired by Fifty Shades Darker, experimenting with your partner can ignite burning sexual desires between you two. If you’re turned on by your partner’s touch, harness those emotions for a wild night of uncontrollable pleasure.

There’s deep sexual trust

Sex with your partner is not only a physical act but an emotional one that involves a high level of trust. From discussing your sexual history to knowing your STI status, being comfortable with your partner to discuss these things go hand in hand with great sex. Not only does it positively reflect the respect that you two have for one another, it allows you both to explore one another without any judgement or fear.

Safe Sex is Good Sex

Safe Sex is Good Sex

Learn about different types of contraception to help have happy and safe sex…

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Male Condom

Top 4 Plus Points

  • Only need to be used when you have sex
  • Help protect against STIs, including HIV and AIDS
  • Easily available
  • Come in many shapes and sizes to suit everyone

Any bad points?

  • Putting them on can interrupt sex
  • Some people claim condoms reduce sensitivity during sex

Where can I get them from?

Widely available from Pharmacies in Malta and Gozo, as well as on this site. Also widely available in vending machines (please click here for information on NMArrigo vending operation). Of course, we suggest using Durex Condoms, though other brands can be found.

Female Condom

The Plus Points

  • Only need to be used when you have sex
  • Can help protect against STIs, including HIV/AIDS
  • Can be put in anytime before sex

Any bad points?

  • Putting them in can interrupt sex
  • Some people claim condoms reduce sensitivity during sex
  • Not widely available

Where can I get them from?

Not widely available.

The Pill

Top 5 Plus Points

  • Sometimes makes a woman’s periods lighter, shorter and less painful
  • Can help with pre-menstrual syndrome/ tension/acne
  • Doesn’t interfere with sex, you still need a condom for STDs
  • Reduces the risk of fibroids (non-cancerous tumours of the womb), ovarian cysts and breast disease

Any bad points?

  • Some women may suffer from nausea, breast tenderness, bleeding between periods, headaches and mood changes. Changing pill may help.
  • May increase blood pressure
  • Doesn’t protect against STIs, including HIV/AIDS
  • They have to be taken either every day or 21 out of 28 days on your cycle.
  • Contraceptive protection can be reduced during sickness and while taking antibiotics
  • It is usually recommended to take a different method of contraception during breastfeeding
  • There are also some uncommon but serious side effects which should be discussed with your doctor if you are considering using the pill.

Where can I get them from?

The pill is available from a GP or from family planning clinics with a prescription. It can also be purchased from most pharmacies with a prescription.

Contraceptive Implant

Top Plus Points

  • Doesn’t interfere with sex
  • Can be used if you are breastfeeding
  • Normal levels of fertility return after the implant is removed
  • Contraception lasts for between three and five years

Any bad points?

  • Periods may change, bleeding can be irregular
  • Possible side effects include headaches, acne, tender breasts, weight gain abdominal pain and bloating
  • Very rarely an infection can occur in the arm where the implant is inserted.
  • A small procedure is required to both fit and remove it.
  • Can occasionally be difficult to remove the implant
  • Some women experience depression and mood swings
  • Doesn’t protect against STIs, including HIV/AIDS

Where can I get one?

The contraceptive implant is only available from GPs or family planning clinics, because it has to be fitted by a trained doctor or nurse.

Contraceptive Injection

Top Plus Points

  • Doesn’t interfere with sex
  • Can be used if you are breastfeeding
  • It reduces the risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease and cancer of the womb.
  • Offers contraceptive protection for 8-12 weeks
  • May reduce heavy, painful periods and help with premenstrual symptoms for some women

Any bad points?

  • Periods may change, bleeding can be irregular (this can continue for several months or as long as the injection lasts)
  • Possible side effects include headaches, acne, tender breasts, weight gain, mood swings abdominal pain and bloating
  • Any side effects will probably last as long as the injection lasts (8-12 weeks)
  • Sometimes fertility can take more than a year to return to normal after stopping the injection
  • Doesn’t protect against STIs, including HIV/AIDS

Where can I get one?

The contraceptive injection is only available from GPs and family planning clinics.

Diaphragms, caps and sponges

Top Plus Points

  • Only need to be used when you have sex.
  • Can be put in at any convenient time before sex.
  • Diaphragms and caps may give some protection against STIs, sponges do not.

Any bad points?

  • Some women have a problem with cystitis.
  • Can take time to learn how to use them effectively.
  • Diaphragms and caps only provide limited protection against STIs, including HIV/AIDS.

Where can I get them from?

Each must be initially fitted by a doctor or nurse at a GP surgery or family planning clinic. Once fitted, they can be bought from pharmacies.

Male and female sterilization

Is a permanent method of contraception and is a surgical procedure where the tubes that supply sperm in a man and the tubes that carry the egg in a woman are cut or tied.
Both are practically 100% effective in controlling pregnancy

Top Plus Points

  • Doesn’t interfere with sex.
  • It is permanent.
  • Male sterilisation is a quick and simple operation with less chance of failure than female sterilisation.

Any bad points?

  • Both procedures are permanent and, though possible, cannot be easily reversed.
  • It can take from two months for all sperm to disappear from the semen, so extra contraception must be used before you have a semen test to confirm there are no sperm left.
  • The tubes may rejoin and fertility may return (this isn’t common).
  • Don’t protect against ANY STIs, including HIV/AIDS.
  • Female sterilisation usually involves a general anaesthetic, male sterilisation usually requires a local anaesthetic.

Where can I find out more?

Because this is a surgical procedure it must only be performed by a trained doctor. However, family planning clinics, sexual health clinics and GPs will be able to give you more information..

(Draft : more coming later..)