5 Sure Signs That There is Sexual Chemistry

5 Sure Signs That There is Sexual Chemistry

(Reproduced from : https://www.durex.co.uk/en-gb/explore-sex/article/5-sure-signs-that-there-is-sexual-chemistry )

Sexual attraction can easily be confused for either physical attraction or infatuation. However, sexual attraction also known as sexual chemistry, is the carnal desire to be intimate with one another. While physical attraction can be contributed to your partner’s appearance or behaviour, it may or may not lead to romance. So if you are trying to figure out if there are sparks flying between you and your partner, here are a few sure signs that there is sexual chemistry.

Mirroring one another

Not only is it an indicator of attraction but sexual interest. Mirroring can be used in many different situations to tell if your partner is into you. If you touch your hair, do they do the same? If you shift in your chair do they change their position so their body reflects yours? If so, then these subtle changes are a way to project being non-threatening. Scientists believe the more your partner can recognise themselves in your behaviour, the deeper the attraction goes.

Playful touch

One of the easiest ways to express your emotions and desire towards your partner is through touch. Light and spontaneous, rubbing and prolonged body contact can re-enforce a level of intimacy that may exist between you and your partner. Whether you decide to suggestively rub your partner’s legs or you brush your fingertips lightly on their arms; playfully touching your partner is a powerful way to build sexual tension while leaving you both aroused.

An undeniable pull

You know that magnetic feeling you get when you see someone that you are instantly attracted to; you find yourself having an uncontrollable urge and desire to be close to them. When you see someone who sexually excites you, your body will react to respond to these feelings accordingly. Your sense of personal space changes when you are around your partner who sexually excites you. So if you feel that spark that you can’t deny, don’t dismiss it; it’s real.

You don’t mind experimenting

When it comes to dipping your toes into new sexual dalliances, trusting your partner allows for a greater sexual experience. Whether it’s trying out that sex toy that you’ve always wanted to try, or creating your own sex games inspired by Fifty Shades Darker, experimenting with your partner can ignite burning sexual desires between you two. If you’re turned on by your partner’s touch, harness those emotions for a wild night of uncontrollable pleasure.

There’s deep sexual trust

Sex with your partner is not only a physical act but an emotional one that involves a high level of trust. From discussing your sexual history to knowing your STI status, being comfortable with your partner to discuss these things go hand in hand with great sex. Not only does it positively reflect the respect that you two have for one another, it allows you both to explore one another without any judgement or fear.