Durex Retailers store locator malta

This page is here to address questions of the sort “Where can I buy Durex Products in Malta?“, “Where can I buy Durex condoms in Malta“, “Where can I buy condoms in Malta?” and, of course “where are there condom vending machines close to me? I am in a hurry! :)”

      The page (attempts) to list all the legitimate Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Wholesalers and importers for Durex Products, Condoms (and in particular Durex Condoms) on the Maltese Islands.
      If your company sells these products and is not listed, please contact us.  We are slowly building this location finder.

      This page will not be listing vendors that are not in the legitimate supply chain. These products generally require, not particularly strict, however, moderate conditions, under which they are stored, transported and sold.
      Our representatives (sales personnel, stores and delivery personnel) attempt to ensure this throughout the supply chain.
      There *are* indeed other sources for these products in Malta, in particular online, though not exclusively (Just be careful, well.. if you want to be safe, that is.. If you like risking too much, then this page is not for you.. 🙂 ).

      We are considering listing other condom and lube vendors (always complying to the supply chain disclaimer above).
      If you list some other similar product and wish to be listed her please contact us. We have not yet decided, however.

      For wholesale requests, please go to NMArrigo.com.

      Other online vendors for Durex products: