Public sex in Malta with a bit of fake news to boot

Public sex in Malta with a bit of fake news to boot

We have had some recent press for public love making (a.k.a. public sex) on the Maltese Islands.
Some of it has also been “fake news”, as in the below case, which was actually in London, UK and not in Malta.
Just goes to show that the modern internet has produced too many people who like fooling others. Shame! 🙁

Durex-Malta’s position can only be one : “Go for it as long as you are not generally seen”.
That is please DO so, but please respect others who may, either because they are too young,
or because they are more conservative (none of which are a bad thing) would rather not see you. 🙂
Others may indeed not want to watch because one is, let us say, too old to be particularly worthy of being seen;
or, let us face it, some of us are just jealous! lol.
*Therefore have fun without offending others*

(This position, pun, is not a disclaimer for legal purposes.. if you are caught : you are on your own!)

Some sites have even detailed a few popular places.. Well, we have seen more is all that we can say! 😀
(Interesting that most of the places seem to have been suggested by ladies.. any of them “in waiting”? )..

Of course, we can only suggest that you protect yourselves from both disease and unwanted other offspring. :p

Couple spotted having sex on a roof in Attard


A couple sharing an amorous encounter on the roof of a house in Attard have become Malta’s latest online sensation.

Video footage of the near-naked pair went viral on social media after they let their passion get the better of them.

The shameless couple were spotted by an onlooker on Monday morning.
Malta Police told 89.7 Bay they had been informed of the incident.
We have not shared the photos.. up to the reader to follow up in case they are curious…… 🙂

7 Places All Maltese People Have Been Caught Having Sex

(It’s not just roofs in Attard that get attention)


What, only seven???

Whether you’d prefer to blame it on Malta’s hot climate or your partner’s uncontrollable appetite, it’s safe to say that many of us have gotten a carnal urge at the most random of moments… and most inappropriate of places.

If a roof over your head is out of the question and you’re looking for the next best (discreet-ish) thing, these are the eight places most of the country has made their sexually frustrated way to in a car.

1. Pembroke

Many a horny drive has ended along the Pembroke coastline, just off the main road leading down to Paceville. But if you’re looking for a specific place, it’ll probably have to be behind the abandoned buildings near the Reverse Osmosis Plants, for maximum cover.

2. Ta’ Qali

One of the widest open spaces, bang (pun intended) in the middle of Malta, Ta’ Qali has everything your public shagging self could ever hope for. The country’s National Park, some of the largest parking areas and a Crafts Village that becomes practically abandoned in the evening, your only problem will be choosing one spot.

3. Żonqor Point

Basically the south’s answer to Pembroke, Żonqor Point has the perfect ingredients; a faraway location that’s still not too cut off from civilization, enough space to discreetly park your car, and beautiful seaside views for optimal serenading.

4. Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq

Where do you think the name Splash & Fun really comes from? The area behind Malta’s water park is ideal for more than just swimming and delicious hot dog stands… but what we have in mind still involves sausages and getting wet.

5. Dingli

The highest point in Malta, Dingli is perfect for sunsets, a bottle of wine, stargazing, and wherever the night takes you after that.

6. Buskett

Sure, we don’t have woods in Malta, but we do have Buskett. And whether you venture into the grassy heart or stay in the parking area at the late hours of a random weekday, Buskett can help you achieve whatever your dirty mind is thinking.

7. Top of the World

With a name like that, this place feels like the place to be in an American rom-com. And considering the views from the top and the strategic placement of the benches overlooking it all, it could very well be just that.

Inewsmalta in major blunder over ‘St Julian’s sex’ story


Whoops! Inewsmalta recycles voyeuristic story from the Mirror and claims sex act had taken place in St Julian’s

The news website Inewsmalta has been left with egg on its face after it published an article falsely claiming that a couple was caught having sex in St Julian’s.

The article, which has since been deleted, said that one of its readers had flagged a video of a couple having sex in St Julian’s and was attached with a blurry photo.

However, a quick internet search reveals that the photo was actually sourced from an article that appeared in the Mirror last November about a couple who was caught on camera having sex in a London motel. Well, at least these things hit the headlines in other places too.

Anything to add? Please leave a comment or something. Feel free to link! 🙂

Three Tips for Intense Sex

Three Tips for Intense Sex

(reproduced from

Give us five adjectives for the best sex you’ve ever had – GO:

It’s a pretty good bet that the word ‘intense’ made that list somewhere… and here we go “tips for great sex” :

Intensity is something that all great sex seems to feature, and though it may seem easy to work out why intense sex is great, it’s a little harder to work out why great sex is intense. “Intense” sex could refer to a quickie that leaves your fingernails in their back, or a slow, eye-contact-keeping, melting in to each other. Because of this, it could easily seem a mystery exactly what it is that gives great sex its intensity. Let’s take a look at what it is that intense sex tends to share, and from this, we can work out how pretty much anyone can inject a bit of intensity for better sex.


Anticipation can mean a long, slow build up over a number of hours, but it doesn’t have to. An entire day’s worth of anticipation can be compressed into the few seconds in which you throw caution to the wind, and start tearing each other’s clothes off.


This links in with anticipation, as it requires a complete losing of yourself in the moment, embracing the fact that you need this more than anything else in the world right now. Time stands still, and it could be five minutes or five hours, but it doesn’t matter – nothing else matters.


This doesn’t mean that you have to be in a long term relationship in order to have great sex – a connection is something that can be felt instantly, and last just a few hours. When sex is shared between two people who already feel a love connection though, that level of togetherness can deepen to such a point that you forget that you’re actually two separate people.

Intensify your sex life

When things like anticipation, passion, or connection are focused on too closely, they instantly lose their magic. If it was easy as just deciding that you want to feel these things, then every time would be the best time. There are things you can do though, to make sure that you don’t take these things for granted. Be spontaneous, and don’t resist trying new things (as long as they don’t make you uncomfortable), and allow yourself to be lost in the moment. All of life’s little worries will still be there when you’re done, so free yourself from them and allow yourself to fully experience each other.

Most importantly though, get to know each other. Get to know what the other likes and dislikes during sex, but make sure you get to know them outside of the bedroom as well. If there is one thing that can provide intense, better sex, it’s that mutual respect, and connection – which isn’t something that can be created, it’s earned.